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Squadron Heraldry Display

New River Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-1959    District-27    State-NC

Squadron Burgee

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

The white wavy lines represent New River flowing into the ocean at New River Inlet,    
and the sails on the horizon indicate Topsail Island, which is also at the mouth of New
River.  Legend has it that the Pirates rendezvoused on the island and that a lookout
would scream out "TOPSAIL" when one was spotted---hence, the name. The sails are
the International Code Flags for "N" and "R"

Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting
safe boating through education.  We enjoy spending time with our fellow boaters on the
water and in the classroom.  USPS is America's largest non-profit boating organization
and has been honored by three US presidents for its civic contributions.

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